Visualization of smart contracts for Web3 builders

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Visualization of smart contracts for Web3 builders


Visualization of smart contracts

Visualization of smart contract

Visualise entire blockchain projects, regardless of the number of smart contracts. Follow the step-by-step worflow of a specific function, see the relationships between smart contracts and key dependencies, while conveniently and quickly editing the code.

  • Debug, audit, create project specifications or reports faster and more efficiently.
  • Being a non-technical person or developer just starting out writing first smart contracts, learn in an accessible and understandable way about how the system architecture and individual smart contracts work.
Visualization of smart contract

Use visualization of smart contracts at key stages of dApps development

Audit by visualizing smart contracts

Audit by visualizing smart contracts

  • easily trace the whole flow,
  • see the inheritance of smart contracts,
Debugging by visualizing smart contracts

Debugging by visualizing smart contracts

  • see each function on the diagram,
  • display the code responsible for calling in next to it,
  • identify problematic places in the code thanks to the diagram with relationships.
Smart contracts interactions

Create documentation with smart contract visualization

  • see and understand the architecture of the entire system, the relationships in the smart contract and beyond.

At Debuddy we combine the development with the business development, as the success of the project depends on their cooperation.

Smart contract visualization for business development

Smart contract visualization for business development

Smart contract visualization for business development
  • learn how the system works from visual documentation,
  • display a step-by-step visual workflow of a function to understand exactly how it works and the relationships between other functions,
  • visually present and explain the system architecture at customer workshops,
  • create visual reports that include diagrams with documentation.

Currently there are not many tools available on the market for developers creating blockchain solutions, while the areas for improvement are very large. A visual approach to smart contracts opens up new possibilities for working with them.

Patryk Mróz

Full Stack Dev at Nextrope

Visualization as a service


  • 1 user
  • 1 project (max two smart contracts visualization dev)
  • possibility to operate on the visual version of the smart contract
  • 1 report generation
  • 1 project (max, two smart contracts visualization biz

Pay only for as much as you use

  • User 5$
  • Node visualization dev 0.625$
  • Report generation 5-40$
  • Node visualization biz 1.5$

Crucial industry pain points

Crucial industry pain points

All existing tools for web3 builders are not suited for non-technical people.

Lack of a tool to work with a smart contract to present it in a visually understandable way.

Smart contracts and the architecture of the blockchain system are very complex ones and understanding them often causes a lot of problems, especially for those who are new to the Web3 world.

Lack of a toolkit for all members of the organisation developing Web3 products (both development and business development) to streamline their collaboration and thus speed up project execution.

Working with the best in Blockchain


Our goal is to make the world of Web3 development easier for programmers and non-technical people!

We created a tool and give it to the community!

We are a group of 20+ software engineers. Together we built one of the most influential Blockchain houses in Europe.

Our vision is to empower the development of Web3 apps. We are witnessing the birth of a technological revlotuion that many software specialists yet not fully entered. Thanks to our tool, Web3 development will be much easier and faster.

The entry to Web3 is the greatest technological revolution of our generation. Building this new world, technology creators need to be empowered by the best possible solutions to optimize development and make Web3 happen.

Mateusz Mach

Mateusz Mach

Creator, entrepreneur in the
FinTech industry, economist

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